How I Improved My House In A Systematic Way

My friends recommend me world home improvements

Last year I shifted to Orange County with my husband and children, as my husband was transferred there. We bought an old, small house and decided to renovate it by changing its flooring and cabinets, and some other features. I asked my friends for suggestion and most of them recommended me to appoint world home improvements.

How do they transform the features of the house?

Hence I contacted with world home improvements. They visited our home and discussed about the project in detail, they deeply observed our house and gave me an estimate for the project. But before making the deal final I asked for some references of their satisfied customers. Before talking to them I ultimately decided to assign them for remodeling my house. They provided me a detailed timeline for the completion of the project and they handled me their drafting and design which are applicable for my home. And they stayed in touch with me in every step of the project. Within few days they transformed that house into a magnificent one. And when I invited my friends after completion of the project they did not believe that actually it was an old, damaged house.

How World Home Improvements Help Me to Get Over My Home Sickness?

I along with my parents have shifted to Toronto from Berkeley after finishing my High School. My daddy decided to buy an old house which comes within a budget but I along with my mom was doubtful of the idea. We speculated whether the old house will be in sound condition to live. I was born and brought up in Berkeley and found it difficult to manage in this new city. I felt homesick about my city and the things from my country fascinated me.
Our house in the new city

My daddy bought an old house away from the din of the common crowd and traffic. He claimed that the house was absolutely it to stay if we undertake some renovation and refurbishing projects. I was not at all excited about the idea as I felt homesick about our home in Berkeley. I missed my room which was unique and different from rest of the house. The home improvements work in our house of Toronto was completed within a month. I had expected a different kind of house when I reach there but to my surprise my father had remodeled and refurbished it exactly like our house in Berkeley.

Best home improvements project

My daddy wanted me to feel it like home as he knew that it was hard for me to adjust to new city and new surroundings. I was surprised with the home improvements work. My daddy told me that the secret behind this is world home improvements. The home improvement company assigned by my daddy was reputed for improving home like any part of the world. They just wanted to know what my daddy preferred. This house looked exactly like our house in Berkeley and I got over the home sickness.

Concluding points

I came to know later that the amount of the old house along with the world home improvements project cost less than a new house in Toronto.

The Renovation I Needed For My House For My Daughter’s Marriage

I wanted something grand for my house. My daughter is to get married the next year and I want to decorate my house in a beautiful way as I want the marriage to take place in my house itself. This has some emotional reasons. I want that my daughter who has grown up in this house have some emotional bonding with the house. The house has always stayed as a support and has evidenced all the happiness and sorrow of our lives. The house has been serving us for generations now and thus I want this house to be part of the wedding ceremony. For this reason I wish to have the best of the world home improvements.

For my daughter’s wedding

My only daughter who would get married to his man should have this house on her day of marriage. I also want the guests to see this house of ours which has kept our family together for years. I wish my son-in-law to see the places where his wife has grown up since childhood. Those little corners where she used to hide for not drinking the milk, her favorite place when she was sad or the backyard where she used to play.
But I do not want all guests to see the house in this condition. I want the guests to know that this house is beautiful. The real beauty is known to us but the exterior beauty is to be exhibited to all the guests who are attending the marriage. Thus I need the best deals and the best company who will keep my essence of the old house and still give it a new look.

Remodeling the roof

The best contractors will work to redesign the roof. I want the roof to be designed as the place where a small ceremony of the marriage can be held. I have planned to make use of the large space on the terrace to throw the party. Thus I need some remodeling of the roof. Along with the contactor I have planned to make the roof go green. I will remodel the roof to give it the look of the lawn by implanting grass. At the day of the wedding this rooftop lawn will be decorated well for the party.

Renovation of the backyard

I have also planned to decorate the backyard well. That will be the place where the wedding will be held. I want to fence the backyard as I don’t want the passersby to be disturbance at the wedding. I want it to be smooth. For the fencing I went to the officials who told me about the fencing laws of the country. The contractors after consultation agreed to make the fence in a way that it does not violate the law.
There are different other things which I want to change about the house. I want the doors and windows to be renovated. I also wish some interior decoration of the house. All these were well handled when I told the contractors about my wish of the changes. They gave me great ideas and take care of all the renovations that were needed to be made.

World Home Improvements Had Made the Décor of My House Unique

My passion for travelling has taken me to different places of country. From my childhood I love to travel, explore new places, taste the authentic cuisine of that place and collect different things to adorn my house. My dream is to travel the whole world and fill my house with some memories from that place. My boyfriend, George was aware of my obsession for travelling and collecting different things native to the places I visit. We had always decided that after marriage we will fill our house with different things from different parts of the world. We had decided that each and every furnishing would be from different places of the world.

My wedding was fixed in a short notice

George too liked to travel but he could not travel much like me because of his busy schedule. We decided to get married last year in a short notice. I knew that it would be impossible to decorate our home exactly as we had dreamt of. Everything was happening so fast that I hardly got any time to shop for my wedding properly. George had decided that we would shift to San Diego after our wedding. He told me that he had bought a duplex at a quiet neighborhood of San Diego and he is remodeling and refurbishing the house. He did not even want to show me any photos of the house as he wanted to give me surprise. I wondered how he is refurbishing the house without even supervising the work.

My new home was exactly as I had dreamt of

After our wedding reception, we headed directly to our house in San Diego. It was indeed a surprise for me as George had refurbished the house exactly the way we had dreamt of. Every furnishing was unique and from different parts of the world. Each part of our house seemed to be representing each part of the world. I was amazed by the whole décor and how George managed it such a short notice. I knew that he did not get much scope for travelling and collecting things. When I asked him about it, he was reluctant to answer. He was just happy to see me smiling as I explored the whole house. Although it was small, yet the furnishing was plush and unique. He told me that it was done a home improvement company who offered world home improvements.

Praise-worthy work of the home improvement company

I did not have any idea about it. I could not believe that a home improvement company can refurbish and remodel a house so well. George had told me that the house was 25 years old but the house was remodeled in such a way that it could have competed with any new house in the neighborhood. He told me that he could manage this fast as the world home improvements company had completed the work efficiently and within the stipulated time.


My guests appreciate my taste for the decor and the unique furnishings but I give the whole credit to the world home improvements company.